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Before ordering your Log Cabin it's worth using this brief check first

- Select the best model & size of Log Cabin to suit your requirements and your garden size?

- Check the best location in your Garden andensure it fits and meets regulation?

- Have you considered access to ensure you get materials to the proposed site? 

- Decide if you are going to have a concrete base or paving flags?

- Are you going to lay the base yourself or employ someone to fit it? 

- Are you going to erect the Cabin yourself or employ someone to do it?

- Are you going to want any of the following services installed? 

Electricity, Telephone,  Internet, TV, Music, Water 

Are you going to want any Optional extras such as

Veranda, Felt Roof Shingles, Paint or stain (recommended immediately after construction)

Insulation, l floor covering such as laminate, Wood or Carpet. 


Do I need planning permission?

Under regulations that came into effect on 1st October 2008, our cabins do not require planning permission. The following points are a brief summary of the regulations. However if you have any queries about this please contact us.

Buildings should be single storey with maximum eaves height of 2.5m and maximum overall height of 4m. Or a maximum height of 2.5 metres if placed within 2 metres of a boundary. No more than half the area of land around the "original house" should be covered by additions or other buildings.

What thickness of wood should my cabin have?

We recommend a minimum of 28mm for any log Cabin. If the Cabin is to be used during the winter months an upgrade to 45mm is recommended. 45mm provides good insulation for the walls.

It is recommended to fit floor Insulation in any Log Cabin. Roof Insulation is recommended but not essential.

What base should the cabin sit on?

The correct base and ground preparation is essential for your log cabin. The best solution is a level concrete base. Paving slabs can also be used providing they are bedded in level. Concrete blocks can be an alternative.

Do I need to treat my cabin?

Log Cabins are not pre-treated and will require treatment within the first week of erection. A treated Log Cabin will last for many years. We recommend Sikkens Novatech to treat your cabin.

Should you have any further questions contact us and we will respond within the day.

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